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Women in history

Date: July

Continuing our successful series of shining new light on women throughout history. 

This time, we will have a guest speaker who’s shared the stage with many famous Swedish singers and performers. While preforming is currently more of a hobby her daytime job is as a music teacher. This makes her the ideal person to talk to us this evening and tell us more about female musicians and why we haven’t heard about them before!

Come explore the past with us and get inspired to shape the future!

Readyplayer.me avatars talking in the ReSocialize Lobby

Remote Work Panel

Date: 15 June 2023

Embrace the future of work with our ‘Successfully Working Remotely’ panel discussion! Tune in to hear from industry leaders, remote work experts, and successful digital nomads as they share their insights, experiences, and strategies for thriving in a remote work environment.

Whether you’re a remote work veteran or just starting your journey, you’ll find actionable advice, innovative ideas, and a supportive community.

Connect, learn, and get ready to take your remote work experience to new heights with ReSocialize!

Virtual Collaboration Best Practices: Mastering Remote Teamwork

Date: Late June

Dive into the world of remote teamwork with our event ‘Virtual Collaboration Best Practices’. This interactive session is designed to help you navigate the nuances of virtual collaboration and boost your team’s productivity and engagement.

Hear from industry experts, successful remote teams, and our own ReSocialize specialists as they share their top tips and tools for enhancing communication and collaboration in a virtual environment.

Whether you’re managing a remote team or working as part of one, this event will equip you with the knowledge and skills to excel. Join us and unlock the full potential of your team with ReSocialize!