Re|Socialize THE IDEA

Brave New Work Environment

Shifting towards a more remote workplace has enabled positive change for professionals all over the world. Despite that, many are struggling. Isolation and fatigue are rampant, leading to unengaged team members or employee churn.

Video calls, team messaging solutions and cloud collaboration tools are all great, but communication between team members becomes goal-oriented, transactional and unengaging. Who hasn't been in a video call with so many participants you direct your attention elsewhere? There is no room for the passive communication that comes naturally in office environments in any of these tools. 

Webinars and online courses are great, but they miss out on what can be argued is the most valuable aspect of education or work events: There is no room for networking between participants.

ReSocialize provides a unique solution to these problems. 


Redefining Business Social

The ReSocialize solution provides a simple and accessible virtual lobby optimised for group communication before and after specific events. This enables passive communication, allows participants to network, and inclusively build relationships. We provide you with an engaging user experience allowing your participants to interact and engage in new ways.

ReSocialize also provides tailored event plans allowing you and your team to focus on your main tasks and still let your team members have fun in our team-building plans centred around your goals for your team's development.

Welcome to Busines Social 2.0!

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Image by Alesia Kazantceva
Image by Sven Brandsma