Sharing Our Experiences (part 1)

ReSocialize wants to keep people connected when working remotely, maintaining the

important social aspect of events and office-working. This planned series of articles showcases experiences related to communication in the remote workplace and highlights the need for better solutions.

What is the importance of good digital communication?

The pandemic has challenged and changed the way we work. The remote workspace has shown itself to boost both productivity and creativity. However, striving for a good remote work environment is not without challenge. It is this challenge that we want to address and increase the personal experience for all. Done right, your remote workspace and digital communication can enhance overall performance and increase your turnaround. If we’ve learned anything this past year it is that the model of work is changing, remote work is here to stay, and employees want the flexibility that digital communication entails.

Why do we need to make it better?

The number of individuals who are working remotely or want to work more remote is increasing. There is, however, a problem of loneliness growing over time hurting the wellbeing, satisfaction and productivity of all, from team leaders to members. The social aspect of communication that happens naturally when people share a room just doesn’t happen in the digital space. As digital communication will continue to increase in our ever-more connected world, it is important to maintain social well-being for long-term sustainable solutions. There is the possibility of reducing organisational costs and increase results, but it must be done in a smart, healthy and fun way.

Below are some personal stories from various situations using digital communication:

“As a frequent visitor of industry events and trade shows, I have found the digital transition many have tried to achieve both lacking and meaningless. There has been no meaningful social experience that a physical fair brings, no interaction or networking. I might as well have simply visited their webpage.”

- Philip, CTO

”At a previous workplace, we had a company-wide digital kick-off planned. This was a chance to connect with people from other regions, socialize and discuss creative ways and solutions for different problems. This was a chance to connect and network with people whom I would otherwise never have met. Excited, I logged in to the digital event… and the experience was simply underwhelming. It was hard to navigate and understand what zoom-meeting to attend and I soon realized this was just going to be me passively receiving information. I quickly lost interest and became disengaged. This was when I realized there was a need for something better.”

- Carl, CCO

”When a previous employer shifted to a remote-first work environment, I experienced a company-wide loss of feeling of belonging. Colleagues who would have regular day-to-day conversations went weeks and months without interacting at all, damaging both team spirit and professional relationships. The ability to control whom you speak with before and after meetings would have made it easier to maintain that team spirit even working remote. In a meeting, most of the time, one person speaks and the rest listen. Communication becomes transactional. I am missing the sometimes unnecessary but important conversation that you would have had in between meetings.”

- Emelie, CEO

“During my education, I have experienced a full transformation from physical to remote studies. All the charm, fun and social aspects that studying brings was suddenly stripped and no replacement was to be found. The loneliness within digital education is noticeable. The possibility of a platform encouraging, engaging and connecting me with my fellow students would have completely changed the experience from lonesome to interesting and inspiring again. As education should be”

- Kimberley, CMO

What are your thoughts on digital communication, the remote workspace, and building meaningful connections in a remote environment? What are the pros and cons of digital communication? We would love to discuss, listen, and learn from your experiences.

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