Sharing Our Experiences (part 2)

Let’s end the week by sharing some thoughts and stories that you, our audience, have shared with us regarding digital communication. We want to enhance employee engagement and make virtual events better and simply more productive. Receiving feedback from all of you is giving us the chance to listen, learn, and to evolve our product for the better🌿

”The perks of digital communication is that if it is done right, it can be efficient, adaptable, and easy. Making it possible for anyone and everyone from all over the world to participate in any meeting or event you have planned. The cons would be the lack of connection between colleagues. The possibilities of rapid communication and ways of quickly helping one another are minimized. For example, sending an e-mail asking for help isn’t as productive as being able to ask for help face-to-face”

- Lovisa

”Digital communications allows us to have a more flexible private life and gives us the opportunity of adjusting our workday after when we as individuals are most productive. But the small social interactions are more difficult and there is an absence of spontaneity.”

- Mollie

”As an exhibitor at a trade fair this spring I was expecting the possibility of participation and networking, instead all that was provided was a silent lobby where you as an exhibitor only uploaded documents that participants could click on. The experience was underwhelming... There was a need for a better and more interactive solution where exhibitors would have had the opportunity to interact with the participants and participants would be able to interact with each other in real-time. This would have increased the value for both parties during the exhibition.”

- Mats

What are your thoughts on digital communication, the remote workspace, and building meaningful connections in a remote environment? What are the pros and cons of digital communication? We would love to discuss, hear your thoughts, and learn from your experiences.

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