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The Idea 

We Make Virtual Events Better

ReSocialize makes virtual events better by taking inspiration from the physical event space. More specifically, ReSocialize creates a virtual lobby, where you and your guests can interact and network, similar to what would be done at trade shows or industry events.

ReSocialize does not replace your current virtual meeting tools, but complements any solution you already have in place. It is accessible from all platforms and locations, and it gives your guests control over how and with whom they network with before and after your main events. This encourages a more engaging digital environment, allowing for deeper connections with the right people.

How It Works

ReSocialize makes virtual events better by taking inspiration from the physical event space.

ReSocialize connects to your current communication tools and adds a virtual three dimensional Lobby where you and your guests can interact. Every guest can access your Lobby from anywhere by clicking your shared link. No software install needed!

Each guest creates an avatar of their likeness to explore the space with, allowing guests to move in and out of conversations much like in a physical room. These avatars are created from a single “selfie”, and the whole process is quick, simple and automatic. This avatar is personal and follows each user to any Lobby they enter, meaning you only need to create an avatar once, and it can be customized at any time.

When created, your avatar enters the virtual Lobby filled with other guests to your event, each represented by their own avatar. As you speak, sound is only heard in the area close to your avatar. This allows your guests to have several small conversations in the same Lobby, giving your guests the ability to move around the Lobby, choosing who they interact with and move in and out of conversations.

"Create your event. Share the link. Click and Go."

As your event starts, a notice is sent to each guest, and the door at the far end of the environment lights up. That door links to your virtual communication tool of choice, and you hold your event as usual.

After your event, guests return to the virtual environment and get a final chance to network, ask follow-up questions, or build a deeper connection with you or other guests.

The ReSocialize Lobby enables communication, allows participants to network and inclusively build relationships. We provide you and your guests with an engaging user experience, allowing your guests to interact in a better way.




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