ReSocialize is the B2B bridge between
Remote and In-Person

With remote participants, there is no easy and intuitive way to keep teams engaged and make new contacts through natural conversations. ReSocialize is a tool to make remote work and events more like in-person. Imagine it as a 3d room where you can walk up to coworkers and guests to speak to them just like you would if you shared a physical space. 


We believe in making using ReSocialize as easy as possible. Thats why:

ReSocialize works in any computer browser.
You create your avatar within minutes.
All you need is an image of yourself, speakers, and a microphone. and you’re set.

Enter the room and join in the conversations!





Inspired by the physical world but unbound by physical limitations.

ReSocialize is a business social platform that you access through your browser. Think of it as a virtual room where a digital copy of yourself (created from a photo in less than a minute) talks to other digital guests much like you would if you were physically in the same space. Use ReSocialize to host better virtual events, virtual offices or virtual trade shows where attendees can join from anywhere – a key bridge between the flexibility of remote work and the power of the physical room.

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