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The perfect plan to power your virtual collaboration at a price point that suits your budget.

From individuals and small teams to large-scale events and enterprise needs, ReSocialize has you covered. Explore our flexible plans and find your perfect fit today!

All plans have a 15% discount to pricing for annual plans.

  • Online Co Working Space
  • Share space with up to 40 professionals
  • Work With The Same Core Freelancers
  • Natural Audio Streaming
  • Screen Share and Presentation

/ month

/ person
  • Your own exclusive Online Office
  • Up to 40 Simultaneuous Users Per Room
  • Unlimited Guests
  • Natural Audio Streaming
  • Screen Share and Presentation

/ month

/ room
  • online Event Room for Webinars & Events
  • Day 1 preparation, Day 2 execution
  • Natural Audio Streaming
  • Screen Share and Presentation
  • Event Moderator

/ Event

(2 day access)
  • online Event Room for Webinars & Events
  • Day 1 preparation, Day 2 execution
  • Natural Audio Streaming
  • Screen Share and Presentation
  • Event Moderator



Read more about the plans and pricing by clicking on the green button at the bottom of each plan, or scroll down for a description about how each plan is typically valuable and to who. 

Large scale custom solutions are available for Office and Event. More info below.

Who is each plan designed for?

Each ReSocialize plan targets a specific use case. Find out which plan suits your needs best with the overview below:

ReScoialize Metaverse Meeting Platform, virtual event space, and online office with three avatars greeting guests, waving towards the viewer Plans and pricing, this image highlights the ReSocialize Free offering. Virtual event free trial.
Plans and pricing: Free

ReSocialize Free is an unlimited virtual office free trial.

There is no time limit, but slightly reduced features and capacity. 

Perfect for metaverse meetings or to explore options for remote work solutions.

Shortcomings with ReSocialize Free

ReSocialize Free has both a user limit and some collaboration features are unavailable.

The user limit makes it so only 10 users can access the room at the same time, while collaboration features such as screen sharing or presentations make prolonged work harder.

Advantages of ReSocialize Free

ReSocialize Free is meant to be a scaled down virtual office free trial. This means it’s quick and easy to set up, no credit card needed, no commitment to future purchases, and no shady tactics.

You have full access to your RESocialize Free room for however long you wish to stay on the Free level, and you get the full sense of how group conversations and dynamics work in ReSocialize. 

In short: an excellent remote work tool for hosting better webinars and better remote collaboration at 0 cost.

Who is it for?

ReSocialize Free is aimed towards non-profit organizations, start-ups with tight budgets, or managers who want to try ReSocialize with their teams before making a purchase.

Online co-working space or virtual office. Avatars working in groups in the ReSocialize metaverse meeting platform. Some avatars are sitting at desks with computers, others are standing and having conversations. The environment is light and inspiring environment, floor-to-ceiling windows at the far wall, and several desks, meeting tables, and couch areas ready for online networking events and remote work. perfect digital nomad tool to empower networking in when working alone or remote. Plans and pricing, this image highlights the ReSocialize xxx offering.

ReSocialize Nomad is a shared online co-working space.

All the benefits of sharing a co-working space paired with all the benefits of working remotely.

Maintain flexibility while also forming professional relationships.

Shortcomings with ReSocialize Nomad

ReSocialize Nomad does not give you exclusive use of the space.

Please be aware that you are sharing the coworking space with others, be respectful of background noise, and be mindful about what you share.

Advantagages of ReSocialize Nomad

The ReSocialize Nomad online co-working space groups you with up to 40 other digital nomads or solopreneurs who can complement your skill set. As these people become your office buddies, you form close professional relationships that can both extend your value proposition, give your clients a better experience, support you if needed, and potentially generate more business.

You’ll work with this team regardless of how you or they travel and from where they connect.

Just because you’re a solopreneur doesn’t mean you need to work solo.

Who is it for?

ReSocialize Nomad is aimed towards freelancers, digital nomads or solopreneurs looking to cultivate a supportive and inspiring eco system with professionals on similar journeys.

ReSocialize virtual office online metaverse meeting space with 4 avatars sitting around desks working remotely. Plans and pricing, this image highlights the ReSocialize office offering.
plans and pricing: office

ReSocialize Office is an easy to set up virtual office and remote collaboration tool.

As a metaverse meeting platform, ReSocialize Office fills the role both for remote work office and online meeting tool.

Reduce video fatigue by using avatars, get quick visuals on who is currently working, and increase employee engagement through unplanned spontaneus water-cooler conversations when working remotely.

Shortcomings with ReSocialize Office

ReSocialize Office is an online work place – not an event space. If you are planning to have regular guests, ReSocialize Events might be a better option.

Each ReSocialize Office room has a limit of 50 users at the same time. If your organization is larger, you can set up multiple rooms and seemlessly move between them. 

Advantages of ReSocialize Office

ReSocialize Office is an excellent way to build inclusino and belonging when working remotely. It gives coworkers a chance to build deep relationships with people outside their immediate team, despite not sharing direct work.

What’s the value?

Increasing Employee Engagement has several positive effects for business:

Increased Productivity, Increased Revenue, Reduced Employee Attrition, and ultimately, increased profits.

Reducing employee attrition has a significant effect on reducing costs. On average, an organization with 500 employees can save $ 420 000 yearly, by reducing attrition just 5%. Typically, an organization with a highly engaged work force has 20.89% lower attrition.

who is it for?

ReSocialize Office is for organizations looking to grow at speed or organizations looking to drive increased profits through improved employee engagement. 

A hybrid webinar event in a metaverse meeting platform with several remote joining avatars watching a live stream from a physical event on a virtual screen - showcasing a solution to host better events. Online meeting tools perfect for networking at a webinar, showcasing the middle ground between webinar vs seminar Plans and pricing, this image highlights the ReSocialize event offering.
plans and pricing: event

ReSocialize Event is an online event room that reduces the difference between webinar vs seminar.

Host unique webinars where guests can move around the space as they would at an in-person event. 

Increase the range of in-person events by adding a remote event. Have colleagues in the online audience to answer question and guide participants to your desired ation, increasing positive outcomes of your webinars and evets.

Shortcomings with ReSocialize Event

ReSocialize Events is an online event space, not a place for deep work or sharing progress. This can be done to a limited extent, but it is not the focus.

ReSocialize Events has a limit of 60 guests per room, but multiple rooms can be linked to a single presenter and event. 

Advantages of ReSocialize Event

By using ReSocialize Events as an online event platform you get the advantages of a webinar (global scale and unlimited guest potential) without compromising the advantages of a physical event (Guests can build meaningful connections both with the event host and each other). 

What’s the Value?

The value of guiding event participants to your desired goal – regardless if it is initiating a sales process, completing a sale, signing up for a list, or anything else – is entirely dependant on what your desired outcome is.

who is it for?

ReSocialize Events is for event organizers and marketers looking to increase range, engagement, and conversion through online events.

Name and logo of ReSocialize metaverse meeting platform above an online networking event with avatars sitting and having a conversation around a table in a virtual expo hall. Plans and Pricing


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