KSSS America’s Cup Livestream

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use the code:

Times for races and when the viewing is live

Video tutorials on how to join the event and how ReSocialize works

KSSS America’s Cup Livestream Event

KSSS America’s Cup Livestream Event gives you an unique twist on livestreaming events to watch the action from America’s Cup together, online.

Because watching an event is as much about the people you watch with, as the actual avent.

For sailors, regardless of where you currently are. 

Click this link to go to livestream viewing event.
Use code “KSSSAC23” when prompted.

More information from the official Americas Cup website, including upcoming races, schedules, latest interviews, and more.

When to watch America’s Cup

The America’s Cup sail races will be live-streamed in ReSocialize during the time of the final day of races (December 2nd, 2023).

2a December

11:00 – ReSocialize Event Room Opens
11:10 – Live Stream: Preview Racing Show
11:30 – Live Stream: Live Race Coverage
13:30 – Live Stream Ends
(ReSocialize stays open)

How to join KSSS America’s Cup Livestream Event

Belkow you will find video tutorials showing how to:
– Create a ReSocialize account and avatar
– Join the KSSS America’s Cup Livestream Eventroom
– Navigate the KSSS America’s Cup Livestream Event

Event Code: KSSSAC23

NOTE: You can not join with phone or tablet. Only through a computer! 

This video covers the basic. How to create a ReSocialize account and how to join the America´s Cup viewing.

Use the code:

This video covers how to create your ReSocialize avatar.

Creating an avatar is fun! It might take longer than you plan.

This video covers how to move around in ReSocialize and how audio is streamed. 

A good rule of thumb is “If you can here someone, they can hear you”

Common Questions about the livestream event

Is the KSSS America’s Cup Livestream Viewing hosted online or in-person?

The KSSS America’s Cup Livestream Viewing is a remote event hosted in ReSocialize. It is possible that future races will be hosted at the KSSS Stockholm Headquarters, but for now this is a purely online event.

Is watching the America’s Cup Livestream free?

Yes, watching the America’s Cup Livestream together with friends and sailors from KSSS is 100% free. 

Do I need to stay and watch the entire stream? Can I join after the event has started?

No, you can stay for as long or as short as you wish. You can come late, you can leave early, you can return, you can skip some days or watch it all. It all depends on your schedule and preference!

Can I join the event from my phone or tablet?

Sadly, ReSocialize only works with a computer (desktop or laptop). You can not join from your phone or tablet. You can, of course, still watch the livestream from the official America’s Cup website

Can others hear me while I’m watching the races?

Yes. Unless you’ve specifically muted your microphone the people standing close to you can hear what’s going on around your computer. That’s both if you are talking to someone close by and any bakground noise you might have. If you anticipate you’ll be watching from a noise location, please mute yourself.

Am I allowed to talk during the event?

Yes! The whole point in watching together is to make it social! Just be aware that others might hear your conversation, and you might need to step away a bit to the side. A good rule of thumb is “If you can hear someone, they can hear you.”

This is really cool! Can I set up my own event?

Yes! Reach out to Carl and we’ll find something that works for you!