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ReSocialize at Neocon 2024

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ReSocialize is a 3D online environment for work and events. Stay connected with your team regardless of how you (or they) travel, as if you were under the same roof. Make your investment into your corporate work place show for those who aren’t woking from the office, too.

The future of work is distributed-first. Don’t let geography limit you.

Engage beyond distance

what is resocialize?

ReSocialize is a 3D work space in your browser. An online room for collaboration and events. Read more below.

how to use resocialize?

Curious how specifically ReSocialize works? Check out our library of tutorials, descriptions, and videos.

What does resocialize cost?

ReSocialize is a cost-effective way to convey your office culture to your distributed team. Read more about our prices below:

this is resocialize

ReSocialize is a visual tool. We can’t possibly describe it better than it describes itself. 

Check it out in our ReSocialize at NeoCon 2024 showreel below:

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3d environment
natural conversations
cloud based
no VR equipment

make hybrid work the best

The office is no longer the best place to get work done. Welcome to the world of hybrid!

Our Co-Founder Carl Hagander describes what ReSocialize is and how you can use it to create more engagement in your distributed teams.

Why shouldn’t your distributed workforce feel the advantage of the culture you are building for your in-office workers?

With ReSocialize at NeoCon 2024, you can foster team culture and cohesion no matter where your team members connect from.

Engage beyond distance!


Depending on if you’re a part of a team, hosting an event, a solopreneur or digital nomad, or enhancing a trade show, there is a ReSocialize plan to boost your outcomes. Read about how companies use ReSocialize to reach better results:

for teams

ReSocialize keeps team members communicating effectively, regardless of where they connect from.

Solve issues as if your team is in the same room, despite having a distributed team.

Improve your bottom line through better building corporate culture, belonging, keeping people longer, and improving productivity.

Online co-working space or virtual office. Avatars working in groups in the ReSocialize metaverse meeting platform. Some avatars are sitting at desks with computers, others are standing and having conversations. The environment is light and inspiring environment, floor-to-ceiling windows at the far wall, and several desks, meeting tables, and couch areas ready for online networking events and remote work. perfect digital nomad tool to empower networking in when working alone or remote

For events

Create memorable online events, or improve the effect of your in-person events with a twin ReSocialize online event.

Hosting a ReSocialize Online Event in tandem with a physical event allows you to extend reach and capture demand from those unable to attend in person – regardless if that is because your venue is full or the guests are not able to travel.

Or maybe you just want to create webinar events that stick in peoples memory? We got you!

Corporate event held at the nowhere office

For digital nomads

Life and work as a digital nomad or a freelancer can be lonely. 

Connect with other like-minded professionals through a ReSocialize online coworking space, regardless of how you or they travel.

Stay connected with your core group of peers, build those professional relationships, and grow together!

ReScoialize Metaverse Meeting Platform, virtual event space, and online office with three avatars greeting guests, waving towards the viewer

for trade shows

Trade shows are great – but they are expensive. 

With a ReSocialize trade show, you can get a similar feeling for your online visitors as you have for those at the actual trade show. 

Remove the headache that is logistics, travel, and shipping.

The only thing we can’t replicate are the after-hour dinner and drinks.

Trade fair booth in the ReSocialize platform

Q&A for resocialize at neocon 2024

Can I try resocialize?


We have a free demo specifically made for ReSocialize at NeoCon 2024! There are several registration links on this page. Sign up and we’ll reach out!

You can test it with your team when you’re back at your computer.

Do I need to download anyt software?

No. ReSocialize works completely in your browser. There is no download or install needed! 

Just click a link, enter the code, and go.

What device and hardware do I need?

You need a computer (Desktop or laptop) – ReSocialize does not work on a phone or a tablet. 

Regarding hardware, read more about our minimum requirements here.